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Being a professional presenter for over 25 years, Dr. Jim has been the featured keynote speaker and has facilitated over 200 workshops and presentations. The following is some of the topics that have garnered positive feedback:

  • Twice Exceptionality (e.g., Gifted/LD)

  • Overview of ADHD & ADD

  • Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (aka Concentration Deficit Disorder)

  • Executive Functioning & Academics

  • Medication & ADHD

  • Little Big Minds, Philosophy & Young Children

  • NVLD Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (What Happened to Aspergers?)

  • Sensory Integration Disorder (SI)

  • The Neurobiology of LD & ADHD

  • Processing Speed: The Misunderstood Issue

  • Lead Exposure & Learning Issues

  • Sleep Hygiene & Teenagers

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