Courses & Projects


Courses Instructed (40 + courses instructed) Course # Location
College Success Seminar U03 GS 125 Washington University
Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling- 5 sections taught COUN 5100 Webster University
Techniques of Counseling Special Populations- 4 sections taught COUN 5635 Webster University
Techniques of Substance Abuse Counseling COUN 5630 Webster University
Human Growth and Development Psychology 205 St. Louis Community College
Lifestyle and Career Development- 5 sections taught COUN 5700 Webster University
Counseling Individuals With Special Needs-7 sections taught CNS CE-331 University of Missouri
Counseling Parents of the Exceptional Child- 2 sections taught CE-451 University of Missouri
Family Counseling- 2 sections taught CE-425 University of Missouri
Ethics & Professional Issues in Counseling-2 sections taught CNS ED 410 University of Missouri
Multicultural Counseling CNS ED-495 University of Missouri
Career Information CNS CE-442 University of Missouri
Prescriptive English-3 sections taught 558-091 St. Louis Community College
Basic Skills: Reading, Writing and Math SKL 702 Hussmann Corp.
Advanced Skills Enhancement SKL 702 Hussmann Corp.
Preparation Course for the GED-3 sections taught GED Hussmann Corp.
Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math SKL 702 American Can Co.
Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math SKL 702 Dynmac Printing
•Skills Enhancement Center, St. Louis Com. College •Hussmann Corporation •National Foods
•Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri •Becton Dickenson •Federal Reserve Bank
•Baldor Electric •American Can Co. •Dynmac Printing Co.
•Pepsi Cola Central

Craig Office closed

In light of the on-going Covid-19 situation, the Craig Office will be closed until the social distance recommendations are rescinded.

I understand that this is an extremely difficult time for everyone. At this time, my staff and I are working on HIPAA compliant options to communicate with the clients who have already started an evaluation. However, if you need to communicate with me, please feel free to reach out by telephone.
(314) 963-8862
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The Twice Exceptional Learner (2E)
2 Workshop Presentations 
Twice-Exceptional (2E) learner 
from grades Pre-K through 8th grade

Monday, August 5, 2019
Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Lecture 1 |  Lecture 2Handouts

LASE Partner School
Immanuel Lutheran School
9733 Olive Blvd.
Olivette, MO 63132

Twice Exceptional Presentation
LDA 56th National Conference
Ft, Worth, Dallas
February 18-21, 2019

Missouri Mental Health Counseling Association
2019 Annual Conference
SEPTEMBER 26-28, 2019

Dr Jim Russell TedEx Speaker